If you love relaxing outdoors, but hate the scorching sun, then a retractable awning could be the perfect solution for you. Awnings are perfect for keeping your deck, patio, and other outdoor seating areas fresh and shaded during hot, sunny days. Relaxing under a custom canopy is the best way to enjoy your time outdoors.


Sunrooms are the ideal way to add value to your home while providing a relaxing escape into the beauty of nature. A sunroom can be built for a fraction of the price of a normal home addition, which makes it a very attractive choice for most homeowners. They come in all sorts of popular shapes and sizes like studios, cathedrals, conservatories, and integrated sunrooms.

porch conversions

Porch conversions turn your existing porch into a beautiful enclosure that you can enjoy year-round. Just like sunrooms, porch conversions let you relax in the outdoors without pesky bugs, harmful sun rays, pollen, and other annoyances. Many people also find it easier to convert an already existing porch into a sunroom vs adding on a new extension.


Decks are a great way to add an outdoor living area to your home without a full extension like a sunroom. Create a beautiful area where you can relax in the sun, enjoy an outdoor meal, or add a pool and hot tub for your own personal getaway. When it comes to decking, your imagination is the limit to building the great outdoor living space of your dreams.