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The Great Outdoors is proud to be Delaware’s exclusive Porch Conversions by LivingSpace dealer. Our expert associates will answer any questions you have over the phone, or in person, to provide you with the best porch conversion for your home.


Besides being a Porch Conversions dealer in Delaware, we are also your certified installation specialists. Because we skip the middleman, we ensure that your home is outfitted with a porch conversion that fits perfectly, every time. 


As authorized installation experts, we ensure that every porch conversion we build retains its warranty. Enjoy your new enclosure, and have peace of mind too.

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Porch Conversion

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Transform Your Deck, Patio, or Porch Into a Three-Season Sunroom

Why only enjoy your porch, deck, or patio in the summer when you can do it all year long? Transform your space with a fitted enclosure from Porch Conversions with full floor to ceiling Flexiglass vinyl windows. Thanks to special innovations, these versatile windows can open 75%, without letting in the bugs, so you can fully enjoy a nice summertime breeze. Flexiglass windows have no moving parts making them easy-to-open/easy-to-close. Quickly and easily adjust them to protect yourself from the summer sun, rain, and even snow! Made with memory vinyl, instead of glass, Porch Conversions’ windows create a versatile and affordable outdoor living area that you will enjoy year round.

Customize Your Three-Season Room!

With a variety of screen, vinyl, and color options, Porch Conversions’ windows and doors will create the perfect environment for your three-season room. The Flexiglass flexible glazing is perfect for a well lived-in room. This patented technology ensures that your windows will absorb any shock and then return to their original form. This means golf balls, baseballs, and hail won’t ruin your windows.


Porch Conversions’ screens keep the bugs and elements out while optimizing the view from your new room. Their memory vinyl options let in the perfect amount of light and airflow to take your sunroom to the next level.

Custom Made Windows and Doors

When you choose Porch Conversions by LivingSpace for your porch conversions, every door and window of your room is custom made for a perfect fit. We precisely measure everything for you and send all that information to the manufacturer. Using that info, they create custom windows and doors that are guaranteed to be a precision-engineered fit. A large selection of frame and FlexiGlaze colors allows you to match your order to the look of your home, or something unique for a whole new look!