Why Should You Build A Sunroom?

Sunrooms are the ideal way to add value to your home while providing a relaxing escape into the beauty of nature without be bothered by changes in weather or nagging insects. A sunroom can be built in a fraction of the time of a conventional home addition, and provides a uniquely bright, friendly space that will quickly become the favorite room in your house. 

Energy Efficient Sunrooms

The Great Outdoors is proud to be the area’s Premier Partner for the full line of LivingSpace Sunrooms. For the last 20 years, LivingSpace has reinvented the all season sunroom with a modern, super energy-efficient, patented framing system unlike anything else in the industry. The rest of the sunroom industry is still building with inefficient aluminum framing and usually lots of visible screws. Even with vinyl windows and small thermal breaks, the mostly aluminum frames conduct a tremendous amount of heat into the room in the summer and out in the winter. LivingSpace sunrooms employ the world’s most advanced Pultrex framing system, using attractive maintenance-free vinyl with rigid fiberglass substructure to achieve tremendous strength with maximum efficiency. We also utilize the latest, most energy efficient insulating glass technology to make your sunroom comfortable all year round. That’s why LivingSpace sunrooms are the only engineered sunrooms that meet code standards for true (non-isolated) living space. So if you choose to, you can remove the door from your house and make your LivingSpace sunroom truly an integrated part of your house. 


LivingSpace sunrooms are built to last. Our design and engineering teams have worked tirelessly to create the LivingSpace sunroom, and we’re confident that it is the most durable sunroom on the market. We want you to have the same confidence, so we back every sunroom with our industry-leading Twice Lifetime Warranty. We warranty every component of the sunroom for you and for the next person that owns your home. We know that buying a sunroom is a big decision. We want you to give you total peace of mind while you do it. 

Freedom from defects

We promise that every component of your sunroom will be free from damage and manufacturing defects. We cover everything, including vinyl framing lineals, doors, windows, deck, and the roof panel system. We replace or repair any defective component. 

Labor warranty

Contractor fees are a hidden cost on warranty claims. Most companies don’t pay any labor expenses for things that should have been done right the first time. At LivingSpace, we believe that craftsmanship is part of our product, so we cover it, to give you the confidence you deserve. 

Glass Breakage Coverage

We know that accidents happen. At LivingSpace, we offer glass breakage coverage so you can rest easy, knowing that if your windows crack or break, we’ll provide a replacement. 

Transferability of the warranty

Our Twice Lifetime Warranty doesn’t end once you’ve sold your home. If you ever decide to sell your house, our end-to-end coverage carries over to the next owner. So you can sell with complete confidence, knowing that you’re leaving the next owner in good hands. 

Ready for your own sunroom?

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